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Dear Secret Mutant,

First of all: Thank you so so so much for writing this fic for me; I'm incredibly excited to be participating in this exchange, and I can't wait to read whatever it is you give me.

Down to brass tacks: I tried to write fairly open-ended prompts, and I hope something in them sparks with you, but if nothing does, feel free to go in a different direction. I do ask that, in general, there be an overabundance of fluff and relatively little angst—that being said, though, as someone who is no stranger to wild angst appearing in my fic without my intent, I'm totally fine with angst showing up as long as it's resolved happily.

For those prompts where I listed a range of pairings, writing any of the pairings/combinations of the pairings is fine. Additionally, any pairing I listed is fair game for any of the prompts, so if there's a pairing I listed on one of the prompts that isn't listed on another, don't feel limited to just that one prompt. (I would love to see a non-Charles/Erik pairing, and especially femmeslash, but if that doesn't work for you, no worries!)

I did ask for relatively explicit material in some of my prompts, though if you're not comfortable with that, feel free to go in any direction you please! I'm perfectly happy with fade to black.

I'm not very good at keeping track of my bookmarks/fics I like/etc. in a way that anyone else can track, so while I'd love to point you at my Pinboard/AO3 page, I'm afraid neither will be terribly useful. My tumblr ought to be at least somewhat helpful, though. Feel free to check out my best friend's Pinboard; though she doesn't have much by the way of XMFC fic, she's got several of my favourites, as well as fics that—with the exception of the Teen Wolf stuff—generally fall under the heading of "things I like." If you have any further questions about how I feel re: anything XMFC-related, feel free to ask me through [personal profile] unforgotten or leave me an anonymous comment—or, you know, ask the secret_mutant mods to ask me. *grins*

To help, though, here's what I can come up with for a list of likes (which is by no means comprehensive; I'm sure I'm missing something) and dislikes.

Things I like: Witty/snarky banter, sarcasm, strong characters (especially female characters), crack, fluff, mocking Erik's fashion sense, people acting like semi-rational adults, possessive—but not controlling!—partners, use of powers

Kinks I like: top!Charles, bottom!Erik (I don't really have preferences for any of the other pairings), dirty talk, somnophilia, fingering, rimming, bondage, light power dynamics, comeplay, nipple clamps/nipple play, (mostly) consensual sex of any kind really, telepathy during sex, powerkink

Things/Kinks I'd rather not see: A/o, D/s 'verse or very heavy D/s, non-con, Shaw (unless he dies horribly), excessive misogynism, excessive angst, sad endings (hopeful endings are okay, but mostly, I want my teeth to melt)

Really, though: I'll honestly be happy with pretty much anything. Again, thank you so much for doing this; I can't wait to read whatever you write!




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