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You give it all, but I want more.

And you give, and you give, and you give yourself away...

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Birthdate:Mar 27
Location:California, United States of America
Eos... a musician–a singer, really. The perfect note, the perfect chord, the perfect lyrics...these are all her joys, her delights. Find her a song that she likes, and she won't stop listening to it–not for a while, at least. Her favorite song changes almost weekly, but she is especially partial to jazz, musical theatre, and Hindi music. a writer. She hardly stops writing or thinking up new plots for her stories; but she's also a perfectionist, so her finished products are few and far between. (She especially apologizes for this in the realm of fanfiction.) She writes more one-shots than novel-length stories, and in the Harry Potter fandom, loves Lily and James (she doesn't particularly object to Sirius and Remus, either–she loves The Shoebox Project and orders you all, if you haven't read it, to go read it now, because it's amazing). She's obsessed with words and the English language in general; to this end, she is a Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Nazi–and she loves to read. As with music, if you find her a good book, she'll not stop raving about it for weeks. a people person. She loves her friends and her family, and likes people in general (though, at times, she does agree with Calvin). She likes to talk on the phone for hours, often using up the greater part of the 800 cell phone minutes she shares with her family, and can often be found sitting at her computer during her free time, typing furiously as she e-mails and instant messages her friends. On the scientific side, she loves studying the human body and genetics–she's especially fascinated by the brain–and will probably pursue a career in medicine or studying people. She also likes analyzing people; she's currently reading a few books from her mother's shelf of sociology and psychology books. something of a dreamer. The ethereal, the fleeting, the delicate, the gentle, the warm...these all make her want to sit down and write until her fingers fall off. She loves the stars, the beach at night, the first flower of Spring and the last leaf of Fall. Eternity, too, is spectacular–the idea of something lasting forever, whether it changes or not, is so appealing that she sometimes wishes that all the wonderful things in the world weren't so transitory. But she also believes that all good things must come to an end; she's a bit of a contradiction, you see.

To all of you, though...Eos is Runi.

"Shoot for the moon–even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
-Les Brown

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"tea", 16th century england, adium, alan ball, arthur/merlin, aziraphale/crowley, bad wolf, barney stinson, believing in crystianity, biology, books, british spelling, captain jack harkness, charlotte brontë, chemistry, chocolate, computers, crack, daleks, david tennant, death note, doctor who, doctor/rose, douglas adams, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, drama, dumbledore/grindelwald, evil overlords, fairy tales, fandom, fanfiction, fantasy, flocking, forty-two, friends, good grammar, good omens, harry potter, headdesk, hijacking, himym, his dark materials, hourglass awards, hugh laurie, hugs, ice cream, icon-hunting, j. r. r. tolkien, james potter, jane austen, jasper fforde, jon stewart, joss whedon, libraries, lily/james, llamas, lord of the rings, macbooks, magic, marion zimmer bradley, math, merlin, merlin/arthur, monty python, movies, music, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, neil patrick harris, obsessions, omg do me, peace, piano, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, procrastination, proper grammar, psychic icon generators, queen of wands, quotes, quoting pride and prejudice, reading, sandman, sarcasm, scrubs, shakespeare, shoebox, singing, six feet under, soccer, sonic screwdriver, spellcheck, squee, steven moffat, t. s. eliot, tardis, tennis, terry pratchett, tetris, the beatles, the colbert report, the daily show, the shoebox project, the tenth doctor, the unknowable room, theatre, thegreatbreak, thunderstorms, thursday next, true blood, twitter, u2, unknowableroom,, virginia woolf, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, world domination, writing, yoga
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